How to Prepare Your Home For Sale With This Checklist 

How to Prepare Your Home For Sale With This Checklist 

Imagine if you were excited rather than afraid of showing your home to potential buyers. Well-prepared and proud of your beautiful home, you set the expectation for a nicely priced sale. This isn’t impossible, actually, this is very easy to accomplish if you take your time. Homeowners may begin prepping their home for sale up to 2 months before the first showing, depending on the level of repairs necessary. Get your house ready to sell with this checklist.

Ultimate Checklist To Sell Your Home 

Use this checklist for a successful home sale. These tips should maximize great results. Get your home magazine ready now!

Consider Landscaping for Curb Appeal 

Landscaping is a big deal and can increase your home sale price by 5.5% to 12.7%. It is one of the first things guests notice when they arrive. Decorate with inexpensive seasonal plants to appeal to buyers at the current time of the year. Remove overgrown shrubbery, accent the house, and add mulch for a professional look.  

Fresh Paint Does The Trick 

Make your home look snazzier with a fresh coat of paint. This can make the biggest difference when appealing to new buyers. On the interior of your home, you should repaint the walls in neutral colors to satisfy buyers. Get rid of wallpaper and paint with neutral tones. Removing wallpaper is a messy job, so new buyers will appreciate this.   

Upgrade Garage Doors

Garage doors can bring you a 98% return on investment because it is a tangible piece of security. Repainting old garage doors or installing new ones immediately improves curb appeal.

Crystal Clear Windows Make a Good Impression

Power wash all of your windows to immediately make a good impression. When your windows are sparkling clean, this allows natural light to shine throughout your home. Brighter lighting makes everything in your home look bigger and more accommodating. Shiny windows can also make a house look newer. Don’t forget to leave draperies and blinds open during showings.  

Redo or Clean Your House’s Siding

Fresh siding can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal. Use a power washer to brighten up your home’s siding. You can also replace vinyl siding with stone or brick veneer around the entryway.

Deep Clean Your Home 

Before your first showing, it’s a good idea to deep clean your home. This removes stains, grease, and other residues that can gross out visitors.

Remove Dust From Every Corner

Time to bring out the ladder. You’ll need to dust ceiling fans, cabinets, shelves, your entertainment center, and more. Clearing out dust will freshen the air and also make wood furniture and other surfaces shiny again.

Declutter Personal Items

You’ll have to put away all your personal belongings before you bring potential buyers in. For example, toiletries, toys, pet items, excessive decorations, and other clutter should be stored away. This creates an open space and allows the buyer to imagine living in their new home. 

Renovating Bathrooms  

Bathrooms are a private getaway and an important sell point for more upscale homes. You can install medicine cabinets with internal mirrors, vanities, and other useful accommodations.   

Clear Off Kitchen Countertops

When you go into a kitchen, the first thing you see are the counters. Scrub down and clear off all your countertops of clutter. Consider installing granite countertops or other fashionable styles. 

Upgrade The Kitchen  

Your kitchen is the Heart of the Home. It’s where many family and friends entertain guests or spend time connecting with each other. You can invest in this space by replacing old appliances or upgrading cabinets.    

Fixup Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re on a budget, instead of renovating your cabinets you can paint or stain them for a new look. You can also use a cabinet restorer, replace the doors and drawers, or add new hardware. 

Add Backsplash 

Make an old-fashioned kitchen look brand new with a backsplash. This protects the wall from grease or stains and provides a major aesthetic upgrade.  

Refresh Your Flooring

Floors make a huge difference. Clean your carpet, refinish and stain wooden floors, or remove the carpet to expose the wood underneath. 

Get Rid of Pests, For Everyone’s Sake

Get a professional pest control company to treat your home if you have major pest issues. You don’t want your guests to hear mice scurrying within the walls or find a dead roach on the ground. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

A new entrance light fixture could add a tasteful touch. Installing dimmer switches or more modern kitchen lighting can make a home stand out on a small budget.

Recreate and Simplify Your Space

If your home has small square footage, create outdoor space. Porches and decks for outdoor dining and recreation are highly loved. Both of these create a high return on investment. Make sure to have them finished and weatherproofed!

What You Don’t Really Need To Prepare Your Home For Selling

Don’t make the mistake of renovating real estate too much and losing money on the sale. Minimize poor investments when getting your house ready to sell. 

New Driveway

Just reseal or resurface your driveway. Pressure wash or repaint it. Only install a new driveway if it will improve the sale price.     

Built-In “Anything”

Skip any built-in bookshelves, entertainment centers, or other items that are too specific. It might not fit the buyer’s lifestyle.  


Not everyone wants to maintain a pool and installing one is quite expensive. You may not get a return on your investment. 

New Roofs

Don’t install a new roof, but have it inspected. A 30-year-old roof may need replacement, however, steel and stone roofs have a much longer lifespan. Install a new roof only if it improves your home’s price.  

Sun Rooms

Sunrooms are more of a novelty and not that appreciated by buyers. 

New flooring

Refinish or clean your flooring instead of installing a new one to save money. 

Garages Converted Into Living Space

Many buyers prefer a garage as a space for their car and an additional storage room. Garages have many multi-uses. 

Bidet Installation       

Bidets aren’t widely used and are clunky. Buyers can easily install one themselves. 

Entertainment Rooms     

Media rooms, offices, and theatres have a low return on investment because not everyone needs or wants them. 

Don’t forget, you should never renovate more than your neighbor in most cases. When your home goes for sale, the value of your home is based on the valuation of houses nearby you. If you outdo your neighbors by too much, you won’t receive a high return on investment. You can also consider a presale house inspection to get a review on the necessary repairs you need. The buyer will only be worried about repairs that create health and safety concerns. In many cases, you might have to have a licensed professional make repairs.    

For more useful and vital tips to sell as quickly as possible, contact our team to learn what else is required to list your home. We show you how to prepare your home for pictures and take professional photos. Also, we market your home internationally and strive to go above and beyond seller expectations by providing well-rounded services. Contact us at one of our Florida offices in Vero Beach, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, and Ft. Pierce on the Space Coast and Treasure Coast today. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘G-3SEQDT9VWN’);

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